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Bravo Camp Is An
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It's far More Than Just a Simple "Shooting Game"
- A reality show where you are the main character
- Small military team tactics (offence, defence, ambush, raid, etc.)
- Map, compass, GPS, ropes, survival basics, boats, etc.
- Gathering intelligence information, meetings with local supporters, dealing with suicide bombers, etc.
- An extremely great adventure from A-Z  
What You Will Experience During "Bravo Camp":
- Individual skills training, how to move on the battlefield, how to assess the situation, how to communicate with other team members, how to make decisions, etc.
- Small team tactics and strategies such as how to react to enemy fire, how to establish an ambush, how to rescue hostages, how to deal with hostile VIPs
- You get real mission orders, and plan your execution based on your own experience and Bravo Camp instructors’ recommendations
- If your team has only 1-3 members our reinforcement is on the way. Take it easy, they are great guys and this will be your greatest experience. In most cases players and our reinforcement team become very good friends during the program.
- Silence, shooting, screaming, real teamwork, true emotions and extremely valuable experience for you as an individual 
I have military experience from the Afghanistan conflict in the 1980s. I can confirm that "Bravo Camp" is really close to reality. Time after time I felt like I was back on the real battlefield. The experience and emotions gained here can't be obtained anywhere else. Here you can clearly see who others are and who you are yourself. There is only one question - are you mentally strong enough to see yourself?
Vigo Valdavs, commercial director "Lido" 


Duration: 14hrs

Duration: 24hrs

Duration: 72hrs


€ 1900.00 per group

€ 2700.00 per group

€ 5700.00 per group


€ 1900.00 per group + €150.00 for every additional participant (starting from 11 and up)

€ 2700.00 per group + €250.00 for every additional participant (starting from 11 and up)

€ 5700.00 + €550.00 for every additional participant (starting from 11 and up)

* You can reserve this program together with your friends and colleagues or even alone. If you are alone or your team has only three members or less we will reinforce your team using our resources.  
We can help you:
- Transportation from Riga Airport / Passenger Port / any hotel that is located in Riga to the mission area and back.
- Hotel or guest house reservation.
- An organized relaxing evening after the program (sauna, dinner, guest house, etc.) 

If you think it's a good fit for you, here's the contact form to reserve your program!

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