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My name is Nauris ( I'm the creator of "Bravo Camp" and the owner of a leadership and team development company  "Bravo Zero Two" in Latvia.   Creating different "close to reality" programs is my hobby. I always wanted to create something really good. I was inspired by the movie "The Game" several years ago. I understood that the 21st century is the best time for connecting the gaming and movie industries with our reality. "Close to reality" is our motto.  

Our team building and adventure leadership programs are very good training where we can test most of our crazy ideas and then later we can use them in our reality programs. "Bravo Camp" is the first such program, but the next adventure program is coming soon. So join "Bravo Camp" and stand by for the next program.  
I really love “Bravo Camp”, because of the emotions and sense of real teamwork. I just love it. I'm a former military officer and veteran of the Kosovo and Iraq conflicts, so this theme plays a huge role in my love. Additionally, you can be 100% sure that we are offering the best experience available for civilians here. Run away from your daily routine. This is the right place for honor, trust and all other core values. Don't be fake, let's make it for real. Choose the best; welcome to the "Bravo Camp" world. 

Nauris & the Bravo Camp Team 
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