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Bravo Camp Is An
Amazing Gift!


"Bravo Camp" is a military adventure training program
that radically differs from most already known "shooting activities"
at different adventure parks, laser tag halls, etc.

- Real combat missions (created and executed by former military professionals) 
- You and your friends are working as one team 
- You have no idea who the enemy is (we organize opponents for you)
- Civilian characters (hostages, local civilians, etc.) 
- Basic tactical training followed by non-stop operation, provided by military veterans 
- Duration 14-72hrs 
- Mission zone 10x30km 
- Maps, radios, uniforms, etc. 
- Boats, transportation, ropes, survival basics, etc.  

This is a real outdoor adventure training created, tested and executed by
military professionals that can be enjoyed only here. 

Program Versions 
"Bravo Camp" offers three basic versions (14 hrs, 24hrs and 72hrs) and one exclusive 72hrs version.
All these versions have a non-stop format, but it doesn't mean that you have to shoot and run without any pauses. "Non-stop" means  
you have to be ready anytime to anything, just like in reality. You are living in a different world; you are experiencing a different life.  

You can reserve this program together with your friends and colleagues or even alone. 
If you are alone or your team has only three members or less we will reinforce your team using our resources.


Special Conditions:
- You don't need any special physical condition; we adapt the program to your needs and abilities
- We are able to easily change the level of difficulty based on your performance during the event so that "Bravo Camp" becomes a great adventure for anyone who wants to participate
- You must be at least 21 years old
- Location - Latvia (EU), approx. 80km from Riga
- The program is created and executed by former military personnel, veterans of Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts
- 100% confidentiality (if necessary)
- We organize the  enemy forces for you if your team has 17 team members or less. Bigger teams will be divided into two groups.
- We run "Bravo Camp" under any weather conditions 12 months a year.  

Who Should Choose "Bravo Camp"?
- It's a great birthday gift for a men
- Adventure seekers who are looking for something new and exciting
- Businesses for team building purposes
- Business persons who wants to get to know his / her new or potential business partners better
- People who are trying to better understand themselves
- Military game fans who want to make a "new level jump"
- Stag and doe parties

gree_faceI'd like to share my impressions about the "Bravo Camp." It may look like a traditional laser tag or paint ball event at the beginning, but it drops you inside a totally different world within the first few minutes. You are dropped inside a hostile area with your team mates (ambush on enemy transport, hostage rescue, etc.). Nauris (the creator of "Bravo Camp") works together with his highly professional team consisting of military veterans. During the "game" (actually I can’t say it's a game, it's more like a reality training program), participants’ perception changes very fast and you start to think that this is for real; really close to reality.
Denis Gorshkov, CEO "Diatom Enterprises"


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